Day 211 – The World Wide What?

Posted: 28th November 2012 by Mike Gasaway in agony

Stumbling through the pages in this weird tangled web, I found a site that was dedicated to publishing both self and traditional.  It was a blog written by a former agent that gave a plethora (yeah, I said it) of information about the world of producing books.  Holy Matrimony there is a TON of stuff that I still have to learn.

There’s writer discussion groups that help critique work.  Editors that form correct(ed) sentences.  Agents and marketers and copyrighters – OH MY!  Lots of things and stuff and words that start to color a picture that I can’t quite understand.  Worst of all?  It’s preventing me from actually FINISHING the book.

Many o’ times in this here blog I’ve written about my “shiny object” complex.  I’ll delve head-first into something and go full-bore and every other catch phrase until suddenly – hey is that a different web page promising a more fulfilling life?  Next thing you know, it’s two hours later and my back hurts and my goal has passed.


I got caught up in that today reading about what I need to get the book out.  Creating platforms (see this post) and followings and contests…SHEESH!  It all took me away from the main point of doing all of this – writing!  So I allowed myself an hour to “play” around and look at the sites and soak in some of the information.  But that was it!  I forced myself back to the editing grind…about a thousand words an hour…for eighty more hours!

…at least I’m getting things done and making sure that – hey!  What’s that shiny object over there?  Is that a…

  1. Scott Wiser says:

    It’s called a WEB for a reason. Isn’t it funny that most websites, publishers, and people focus on the less important details of a book when the MOST important – story structure – falls to the wayside? Way to focus on what really matters. I think your work will stand out because of it.