Day 200 – Day 200

Posted: 12th November 2012 by Mike Gasaway in agony

When I first started this daily blog it was actually a daily blog.  I posted either whatever was happening or an interesting anecdote from some time in my past.  There were plenty of things to talk about.

Then the Summer came and things slowed down a bit.  Part of the slowdown had to do with the weather, yes but another part dealt with the idea of just how slooow the whole process was becoming.  I never expected to come up with an idea and then BOOM have it become a best seller.  Well, I DREAMED it but I didn’t expect it.

The every day aspect just became pretty heavy.  I always tried to be funny and witty and even insightful.  I’ll have to admit, most days I felt none of the above.  Heck, nearly every day felt like that but I pushed through.

I also didn’t want to post the same old crap every day.  You’ve heard me say it a few times already…more writing…more writing!…Bueller??  I didn’t want to bore.

So here we are.  Day 200…It’s closer to day 264 or something but who’s counting?  We’re still moving forward and there are a lot of things in the oven.  Some are closer to being cooked than others but for the first time, I’m very excited about all of them.  At the very least, this down time has taught me to value the time I have to write.  I remember just a few short three years ago when I WISHED I had the time to write…

careful what you wish for…

Here’s to another 200 days!  Hopefully, they will be as funny, witty and insightful as the first 200 (264ish)